1 Dec 2017 Dijon (France)


On the 01 of december, Photonics Day 2017 will be held. During this day PhD students in photonics of Carnot-pasteur and SPIM doctoral schools have the opportunity to meet and exchange via oral presentations as well as posters. Full-time staff and second-year master students are also invited to participate.

Registration is open and free

The submission of abstracts is done via the "Submit" tab using this template. Given the large number of English-speakers PhD students we strongly encourage you to make your presentations ans posters in English. We also invite first year PhDs and master students to do contributions in the form of posters.

The Photonics Day is organised in collaboration with:




If you have any question about this event feel free to join us at: jdp2017@sciencesconf.org

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